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William Thomas Cain is a professional photojournalist whose body of work spans from editorial to commercial in his 35 plus years of experience.

He accredits his diverse background to his extensive education at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. While completing 4 years at the university, in 1987 Mr. Cain earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration with a minor in photography.

Upon his graduation William Thomas Cain began work at the Philadelphia Inquirer until 1999. While there he perfected the fine art of photojournalism by juxtaposing graphic illustrative concepts with editorial imagery.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer William Thomas Cain became a contract photographer for the Associated Press, as well as joining Newsmakers Online Photo Service, now known as Getty Images, as their Philadelphia based photojournalist.

Mr. Cain is currently represented by Getty Images, as well as Black Star, where he is the primary news source, linking Philadelphia to the New York and worldwide market.

Mr Cain has also served as an adjunct professor of photography at Wilmington University and the University of the Arts.

bride hugs from on yellow

My approach is very simple... unintrusive and unobstructive.

We Are

Photographers who believe there is no significant moment greater than the declaration of a couple’s love in matrimony.

Our Goal

Is to paint a beautiful picture once in a lifetime picture of your joyous day with strokes of light and emotion. We capture a slice of life as it happens, visually telling the bride & groom’s story.

Our Approach

Is unintrusive and unobstructive. Of our style, Jessica and William Pitts, whose wedding we photographed, said “We were shocked at all the stuff you got pics of that we didn’t even see happening!”


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Meet up

So everyone feels comfortable and accustomed to each other, we’ll have a quick phone or zoom call to discuss things and plan everything out.

Picture time

The big day! We’ll meet, talk, connect, and get to know each other. In the meantime, I will be preparing the equipment so we can jump right into it.

Delivering photos

In one or two weeks, you will receive your edited pictures, to see yourself in all your natural glory.


This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

Relax and be yourself and leave the rest up to us.

What should I wear?

We suggest solid colors. Patterns can be a bit distracting. The focus is in you, not the pattern.

How many pictures will I receive?

It depends upon how long your shoot will last and how many images we can make. An average 8 hour wedding shoot generally results in 1500-200 images.

Are you available outside of Philadelphia?

I am available for photo assignments through the Americas and world.

Do you do couples photography?

I photograph whatever a client would like. Couples, individuals, groups, you name it, I shoot it.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question feel free to ask.

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I can’t wait for us to meet and capture your story together.

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