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(Photo by William Thomas Cain/cainimages.com)

We are available for full or partial day coverage.

Our basic 8 hour package includes:
– Our wedding photography guideline
– One photographer
– Eight hours of photographic coverage in a photojournalistic style along with traditional portraiture
– Unlimited photographs taken throughout the day
– Unlimited Locations
– Unlimited black and white or sepia print options
– Online photo album to share with your guests on the internet
– Online light box for selecting up to 120 photos for your album
– FREE digital negatives delivered on DVD after your wedding along with a license to print the images
– 8×10 (20 page) TAP Marshall Album
– Custom layout and design of the wedding album
– Engagement Photo Session

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you the photographer that will work my wedding, or are you a representative of the company and another wedding photographer is actually going to take the photos?
Unless otherwise specified, I am the photographer that will photograph your wedding. I do have other photographers that I work with and will let you know before booking if I am already booked for your date.

Can I see some of your work from at least three different weddings?
Sure. Here is a link to some of my complete wedding shoots, from beginning to end.
1: Robin & Frank – Wedding
2: Lily & Tom – Wedding
3: Andrea & Dan – Wedding
4: Marie & Stephane – Wedding
5: Engagement Session

What is your photographic style?
I have been first and foremost a photojournalist for 30 years, 12 years at the Philadelphia Inquirer, and with Getty Images for the past 15. My approach in wedding photography is the same documentary syle that I have used in my career in newspaper and magazine photography in that I capture moments as they happen.

Will you provide both color and black/white pictures, or is there a separate charge?

All images are shot in color, but can easily be converted to black/white at no extra charge.
You can’t make a color image from black/white. So, it’s better to have the image in color and decide afterwards if it would look better aesthetically as a black/white image.

Do you do formal portraits?

Yes. I will shoot formal portraits of the bridal party as well as candid photos of the bride and groom enjoying their day.

Can I give you a shot list?

Yes. If there is anything specific that the bride and groom would like photographed it is helpful to have a shot list or itinerary of how the day will progress. It helps me know where and when to be in place to make certain pictures of the wedding or reception.

What time frame does the charge cover? Will you be available all day, or are you charging extra after a certain period of time?
My packages allow for photography of 6 to 10 hours. If needed for longer or shorter periods, that can be worked out. The amount of time I stay to make pictures depends upon how long I am needed. Additional time (hours) can be added at any time @ $200 per hour if added more then 30 days before the wedding date.  If less then 30 days before the wedding date, additional hours are billed @ $300 per hour.

Will you be working with someone else? Would there be an extra charge if I would like two wedding photographers present?

Generally I do not bring an assistant unless I deem it necessary. If a wedding consists of more than 150 guests I may bring an assistant and a second photographer if requested. There would be an additional charge for a second photographer, but not an assistant.

Is there a limit on the amount of photos you shoot?

No. The object is to visually tell the story of your day. I don’t place any limit on how many images it may take to accomplishthat goal.
I’ve shot weddings in which I’ve made 500 images, and weddings where I’ve made 2,500 images. This generally depends on how long the wedding and reception last, and how many picture possibilities I see. I shoot anything and everything.

Say you shoot 2,500 images, how many will we get?
All images will be placed on DVD if you’ve ordered a package that includes a DVD and most of my packages include DVD’s. Although, I generally edit the images down a bit by getting rid of any unacceptable images, i.e. out of focus or under exposed. So, If I make 2,500 pictures, you would probably received 2,000 – 2,300.

Do you offer a web site or a CD/DVD that contains my wedding photos? If so, is there a separate charge for this?

Yes. All of my packages offer these features. No additional charge.

Will you help me find a good lab to print images from the DVD? 
I’ll glady recommend a good photo lab for you to have images from your DVD printed.

What photo albums do you offer? 
I offer three types of photo albums. All are flush mount books.
1: TAP Marshall
2: Rennaisance
3: Artique Albums

What is the turnaround time for receiving my pictures?
Pictures are generally available for viewing on my website within 2-3 weeks of your wedding and reception. Prints take about 2-3 weeks and albums take about a 6-8 weeks.

Do you use a film based or digital camera?
No. I haven’t shot film in 12 years. At this point I believe the quality of digital imaging is far superior to film.

If the reception is far from the place of the ceremony, do you charge a traveling fee?
There is no additonal charge unless otherwise noted.

Will there be a separate charge per location?

Would you be willing to work with me if any of your packages are outside of my budget? Do you do customized packaging?

Yes. All packages that I offer are customizable. Go to CUSTOM PACKAGE & PRICING REQUEST, fill out the form and I will attempt to make it work within your budget.

How much of a deposit do we need to book you?
A 1/3 deposit of the package price is required to reserve a date. Please note that I can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

How do I share my lightbox with someone?
Go to the following link for directions on how to do so.
See the video link:

What is your cancellation policy?
When we accept a reservation deposit for your wedding day, we remove that date from our availability calendar and do not accept any other bookings for that day – it is yours!Most weddings are booked a year or more out from the wedding date. This means that if you cancel your wedding a few months or less before your wedding date, it will probably be impossible for us to find another booking for the date we had reserved for you, resulting in a significant loss to our business.
You may CANCEL at any time by giving written notice to William Thomas Cain – Cain Images’ Love Wedding Photos. This written notice must be sent to us via the United States Postal Service using Certified or Registered Mail:
Cain Images’ Love Wedding Photos
PO Box 479
Jamison, Pa. 18929.
Such requests are deemed effective no earlier than the date your request is delivered at our mailing address. If you cancel at any time on or before the wedding day, the reservation deposit is not refundable. In addition, if you cancel within 30 days of your wedding day, no payments made before the cancellation are refundable. Payment must be made for any services already performed (engagement session, prints, high resolution images, etc.)
If you POSTPONE the wedding, all fees paid up to cancellation date will be applied towards the new wedding date, subject to William Thomas Cain – Cain Images availability.



CAIN IMAGES Wedding Photography & Video is a division of Cain Images.

We believe there is no significant moment greater than the declaration of a couple’s love in matrimony. Our goal is to paint a beautiful picture once in a lifetime picture of your joyous day with strokes of light and emotion. We capture a slice of life as it happens, visually telling the bride & groom’s story. Cain Images approach is unintrusive and unobstructive. Of our style, Jessica and William Pitts, whose wedding we photographed, said “We were shocked at all the stuff you got pics of that we didn’t even see happening!”


Elise and Juan Berrocal, whose wedding we also photographed, said of our work, “We absolutely love the album and portraits. We appreciate all your hard work — from preparing with us for the wedding, to your professionalism on the day of, to your follow-up afterward. We couldn’t image having worked with a different photographer…you are simply the best. Thank you again!”

Tivona and LeMar, said “My pictures were amazing! When I first looked at them, I started crying. My photographer, Bill captured everything I wanted and so much more! He even got all of my crazy facial expressions (which I love). People are always telling me that I make the craziest facial expressions and now I can see them, LOL! Bill has such a great personality, when you talk to him, it’s like you’re talking to an old friend. I love when pictures tell a story and mine definitely do!”

We offer Friday evening, Sunday and Facebook friend/fan, wedding planning site member as well as early booking discounts. Also, we accept any major credit card.

If you are truly looking for beautiful once in a lifetime pictures capturing a moment in time that you’ll cherish forever, we’re your photographers!


We absolutely love the album and portraits. We appreciate all your hard work — from preparing with us for the wedding, to your professionalism on the day of, to your follow-up afterward. We couldn’t image having worked with a different photographer…you are simply the best. Thank you again!


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You took so many great photos that really captured our essence.
 I am still sorting through trying to decide which ones to order.
We have emailed the link to our family and friends.
Many people commented on how unobtrusive your style is.
George’s brother actually said, “We witnessed the wave of the
future of wedding photography at your wedding.”


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The pictures look amazing! We’ve been showing them off to everyone. Just so you know, you were totally awesome to work with so far. We’ve been impressed with how responsive you were to our emails and phone calls, and our engagement pics and wedding pics all look fabulous. We were shocked at all the stuff you got pics of that we didn’t even see happening! We also appreciate you working double duty as the photographer and limo service.


[Click Large Image For Full Screen View]


Robin & FrankOver 100 times a month, I get requests for rate and package information. Gladly, I send the information to potential clients. Rarely do I get a response like the one I recently received. A mother of a bride, after reviewing my rates responded with, “I don’t feel that anyone deserves $200 an hour for any work.” 

That statement is couldn’t be farther from the truth.
When you factor in all of the preparation and post production time, in no way does that equal $200 per hour.

Starting with the initial meeting, which generally takes an hour. I try to find out what it is that the bride and groom are looking for from the photographer. I ask what will happen throughout the day? Do they need 3 hours of photographic coverage, 6 hours, or more? Do they want an album? What is their budget? Can I work within that budget?

If they book me, then I’ll give them a basic shooting script that details what images I look for while photographing their wedding. We’ll then sit down and go over the list, adding or subtracting what they’d like covered.
Another 2 hours here.

Then I scout out the location for the ceremony and reception, because I want to make the best images possible for a couple. That takes at least 3 hours.

What are we up to now, 6 hours? And I haven’t even made one picture.

Then comes the day of the ceremony. Factor in the fact that most weddings are at least one hour from me. There we have two hours travel time, to and from, of which I don’t charge. I arrive generally a half hour before I am to start shooting. Another half hour. Now I’m at 8.5 hours for a wedding which I have yet to make one image.

Let’s say it’s a 5 hour wedding shoot. I generally make about 1,500 images during a 5 hour wedding.20080329_CAI_3655

Then comes the editing. All of the images need to be toned, color corrected and ready for printing. Editing the images takes about 3 hours. Post production another 3 hours. Writing the DVD and placing the label another hour. Shipping takes about 1 hour. Uploading the images to the online archive for viewing takes at least 6 hours, and that’s on a good day.

And we have yet to begin working on the album. This is just for photographing the event. Album production takes another 8-12 hours.

Without even factoring in album production, I calculate 26.5 hours worked for a 5 hour wedding, in which all a couple wants is someone to photograph the wedding and reception and to provide a disc to print photos as desired. It actually works out to $7.50 per hour for an “average” 5 hour wedding shoot.

Maybe I should charge $1 per image?


I spent the afternoon last Friday photographing Marie-Helen & Stephane’s wedding in historic Newtown, Pennsylvania. The ceremony was performed by Mayor Dennis O’Brien in the borough council chambers. After the ceremony we wandered around Newtown a bit making some pictures of the couple sharing the joy of the blessed event. Both are from Montreal, Canada, so I was a bit hesitant to make pictures in front of the borough council chambers because of the American flag bunting surrounding the building. They didn’t have a problem with it though, Stephane said, because they’d been living here for 10 year and appreciated the visual.
After the burough, we stopped by a little league baseball field in town with…more American Flag bunting. There the couple had a laugh and some champagne to celebrate. Then off to a weekend honeymoon in New York City, New York.

Congrats!! And all the best to the happy couple.

See the full image gallery @ Marie-Helen & Stephane Wedding Photography Newtown, Pennsylvania.



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